Unsurprisingly, the best lead source for the top 300 companies of the 2018 Remodeling 550 is word-of-mouth (WOM) referrals and repeat customers: 261 of the top 300 companies cited this method as a way of procuring new business. It's one low-tech method that consistently churns out additional work for companies.

Other low-tech methods have lost their value for full-service firms. Only seven firms reported door-to-door canvassing as a source for leads, while five companies reported yellow pages as a way to get new work. Yet, one other low-tech way of getting more leads is still going strong: 99 companies reported truck/job signs as a way to generate business.

While low-tech has some advantage, these firms also know that using the latest tech will reach more customers. With more homeowners doing research online before they reach out to a remodeler, it's no wonder that the top 300 firms are generating more leads from their company's website. In addition, social media referrals from sites like Houzz rank third most popular lead source, with 136 companies reporting those sites get them new customers.

We will release the 2018 Remodeling 550 list on May 23. On that day, visit remodeling.hw.net/benchmarks/remodeling-550 to see the list and find out where your company ranks.