Replacement and specialty firms. Despite the increases in revenue enjoyed by replacement and specialty contractors, there is a general reluctance to grow benefits for their employees compared with last year’s group. Only a few benefits saw a slight increase—disability insurance and paid holidays. And providing company uniforms continues to be a growing trend. But overall, fewer replacement and specialty firms are offering employee benefits, with maternity and paternity leave noticeably falling out of favor.

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2019: Employee Benefits Offered by Replacement/Specialty Contractors

Full-service firms. Noticeably different from replacement and specialty firms, full-service remodelers have increased benefits for their employees in the last year. More firms offer insurance benefits—health, life, dental, and disability—as well as retirement and maternity and paternity leave. However, slightly fewer companies in 2018 offered vacation time and paid holidays.

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2019: Employee Benefits Offered by Full-Service Remodeling Firms

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