These companies offer the range of services, in-house or subcontracted, that allow them to build the additions and alterations (think kitchen and bath renovations, master suites) that substantially change the look, feel, or square footage of a home. Many specialize in a particular type of renovation—kitchens and baths, for instance, or historical restoration—but big custom projects, either designed by the company or built off an architect’s plans, are what their business is about.

When the recession put the housing market on hold a few years back, full-service remodelers were especially vulnerable and many downsized, voluntarily or otherwise. Now, after a few years of uncertainty, many see business gaining, with more and larger projects in the pipeline. Many full-service remodelers on this list project modest revenue increases this year. Some, such as John Rusk of Rusk Renovations, in N.Y., see substantial—double digit—increases in revenue for 2013.


red type= Remodeling Big50
a= room additions
bt= basement finishing
c= contents & cleaning
cl= commercial
dk= decks
h= handyman/maintenance
ir= insurance restoration

kb= kitchen & bath remodeling
s= siding replacement
sr= sunrooms/screen rooms/solariums
r= roofing replacement
w= window & door replacement
wh= whole-house remodeling

o= other
(includes: -accessibility, -custom homes,
-electrical,-energy audits/retrofits,
-fire protection, -fireplaces,-flooring,
-gutters, -historic restoration,
-home theater, -HVAC, -insulation,
-landscaping, -masonry, -outbuildings,
-outdoor living, -painting,
-patios, -plumbing, -pools,
-solar-installation,-seismic retrofits,
-waterproofing,-wine cellars


1Alure Home ImprovementsNY (East Meadow)$39,356,4601,709$23,029$41,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
2Greater Dayton Building and RemodelingOH (Beavercreek) $27,832,56190330,822$27,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, ir, o
3Gardner/Fox AssociatesPA (Bryn Mawr)$23,859,07937264,137$20,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, cl
4Patio Enclosures by Great Day ImprovementsOH (Macedonia) $23,200,0001,30015,000$50,000,000bt, a, sr
5BOWAVA (McLean)$23,137,00037500,000$33,258,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
6Normandy RemodelingIL (Hinsdale)$19,432,55020893,425$23,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
7Aspire DesignAZ (Phoenix) $18,791,7381,9378,500$18,000,000wh
8Neil Kelly Co.OR (Portland)$17,898,1351,01317,668$25,787,800wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
9Payne/BouchierMA (Boston) $15,000,000106141,500$19,000,000kb, o
10Total ExteriorsNJ (Union)$14,276,04884417,151$15,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
11Croom ConstructionFL (Vero Beach)$14,145,58047275,000$12,500,000wh, kb, a, sr
12Cape AssociatesMA (N. Eastham) $12,984,0001,72012,000$15,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
13Marrokal Design & RemodelingCA (San Diego) $12,555,22381134,413$11,500,000wh, kb, a, o
14Patriot Building GroupFL (Winter Garden) $12,507,13221258,995$13,800,000wh, kb, a, sr
15Rusk RenovationsNY (New York) $12,052,73711922,644$15,000,000wh
16Pyramid BuildersMD (Annapolis) $11,380,256121,949,359$10,892,000wh, kb, a
17HAS ConstructionCA (Culver City)$10,800,00018458,696$11,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
18Jericho Home ImprovementsKS (Kansas City)$10,500,00068515,328$12,800,000wh, kb, bt
19Mosby Building ArtsMO (St. Louis)$10,332,03442925,091$12,400,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
20Jackson & LeRoy RemodelingUT (Salt Lake City) $9,791,89218500,000$8,100,000wh, kb, bt, a
21Pine Street CarpentersPA (West Chester)$9,397,00016860,000$9,400,000wh, kb, bt, a, r, o
22D.D. Ford ConstructionCA (Santa Barbara)$9,161,00029316,000$11,963,000wh, kb, a, h
23Allen AssociatesCA (Santa Barbara) $8,956,797132200,000$11,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
24Jackson Design and RemodelingCA (San Diego) $8,707,02454165,001$9,200,001wh, kb, a
25Sun Design Remodeling SpecialistsVA (Burke) $8,678,86657150,000$10,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
26Franzoso ContractingNY (Croton on Hudson)$8,500,0009309,150$10,400,000wh, kb, bt, a, w, o
27Finished Basement Co.MN (Maple Grove) $8,133,67716860,854$10,000,000bt, a
28McCutcheon ConstructionCA (Berkeley)$8,123,00011572,000$10,670,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
29Harrell RemodelingCA (Mountain View)$8,101,69550179,111$10,500,000wh, kb, a, h, o
30F.H. Perry BuilderMA (Hopkinton)$8,038,72495800,000$20,000,000wh, kb, a, o
31DFW Improved TX (Frisco)$8,000,0001,060800$11,500,000wh, kb, a, sr
32Karp AssociatesCT (New Canaan) $7,850,00017800,000$6,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
33Long & DeLosa Construction GroupNY (Brooklyn) $7,502,23415648,091$5,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
34Callier and Thompson Kitchens & BathMO (Manchester) $7,500,00020030,000$7,600,000wh, kb
35Episcopo BuildersNJ (Summit)$7,425,74020236,550$8,575,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
36Home Smart IndustriesPA (Aston)$7,308,47452713,868$12,000,000kb
37American Design and BuildMD (Bel Air) $7,129,2486528,500$9,000,000w, s, sr, o
38Landis Construction Design BuildDC (Washington)$6,801,00071123,612$8,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
39Lars Remodeling & DesignCA (La Mesa)$6,527,45268100,000$8,000,000wh, kb, a
40Bradford & Kent BuildersIL (Downers Grove)$6,500,00011060,000$6,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
41PK ConstructionMO (St. Louis)$6,402,916135100,000$9,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
42Durante Home ExteriorsAL (Irondale)$6,265,42956911,000$7,300,000sr, o
43Gilday RenovationsMD (Silver Spring)$6,182,40740150,000$6,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
44BACK ConstructionKY (Lexington)$6,120,39422926,727$6,103,420wh, kb, bt, a, w, sr, h
45Affordable Remodeling & RoofingGA (Cartersville)$5,625,00024822,681$6,370,650wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
46CALbath & KitchenCA (Santa Ana)$5,590,0001,5784,000$5,500,000kb
47Poor Farms ConstructionMO (Columbia)$5,453,97139125,000$6,550,500wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
48Chermak ConstructionWA (Edmonds)$5,387,68028319,038$5,891,111wh
49Joe Percario General ContractorsNJ (Roselle) $5,297,60030118,000$8,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
50Case Design Remodeling/IndianapolisIN (Indianapolis)$5,257,79039813,210$6,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
51CG&S Design-BuildTX (Austin) $5,166,00475100,000$5,600,000wh, kb, a, sr, h
52Dave Fox RemodelingOH (Columbus)$5,105,43111341,077$6,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
53One Week BathCA (Van Nuys)$4,844,00019322,800$5,000,000kb
54Happe & Sons ConstructionIN (Evansville)$4,831,9155808,331$4,675,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
55ReBath and 5 Day KitchensAZ (Phoenix)$4,784,7975888,137$5,667,600kb
56ReBath NM/ 5 Day KitchensNM (Albuquerque)$4,767,46134213,939$5,200,000kb
57FBN Construction Co.MA (Boston)$4,737,7588655,090$7,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
58Edward D'Orazio, AIA Architects & Design BuildNY (St. James)$4,700,3005487,000$5,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
59BNW BuildersVA (Richmond)$4,685,67837412,500$5,500,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
60Alward ConstructionCA (Berkeley)$4,599,3209051,000$5,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
61Ranieri & Kerns AssociatesPA (Bryn Mawr)$4,500,00037150,000$5,000,000wh, kb, a
62Brindisi BuildersNJ (Marlton)$4,425,000100100,000$4,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
63Munz ConstructionPA (Holland)$4,400,00060075,000$5,400,000kb, a, o
64McClurg Remodeling & Construction ServicesNY (Marcellus)$4,386,5295208,440$4,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
65HighCraft BuildersCO (Fort Collins)$4,330,0009645,104$5,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
66Capizzi Home ImprovementMA (Cotuit)$4,316,25730414,198$4,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
67Sullivan Building & Design GroupPA (Quakertown) $4,313,2248539,153$4,500,000wh, kb, a
68Joseph McKinstry ConstructionWA (Seattle) $4,301,20520215,060$5,719,486wh, kb, a, o
69Magee Construction Co.IA (Cedar Falls)$4,187,84729614,148$5,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, ir, o
70Gruver CooleyVA (Leesburg)$4,172,92110417,292$6,400,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
71Buccaneer ConstructionTX (Kemah)$4,115,65521135,155$4,352,512wh, kb, a, sr, o
72Texas Custom PatiosTX (Stafford) $4,100,00016025,625$6,500,000a, sr, o
73CarnemarkMD (Bethesda) $4,085,26516255,329$4,900,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
74Francis Harvey RemodelingMA (Shrewsbury) $4,015,50624116,662$5,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
75Litchfield BuildersCT (Hamden)$4,013,50310239,348$4,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
76Sea Pointe ConstructionCA (Irvine) $4,008,0006189,400$5,700,000wh, kb, a
77Pizzo ContractingNJ (Toms River)$4,000,00026011,500$6,500,000wh, kb, a, sr, dk
78Blansfield BuildersCT (Danbury)$3,900,00041,000,000$3,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
79DWR ConstructionTX (Spring) $3,847,32919419,800$4,200,000wh, kb, a, sr, h, o
80NVS Remodeling & DesignVA (Manassas)$3,836,5287253,285$4,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
81Hubert Whitlock BuildersNC (Charlotte) $3,831,54317225,000$3,850,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
82Synergy BuildersIL (West Chicago)$3,818,7468445,000$4,276,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
83R. Pelton BuildersCT (East Berlin) $3,800,0001,8002,200$4,000,000wh, bt, a, h, o
84Renewal Design-BuildGA (Decatur)$3,766,5913396,000$4,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
85Harwick HomesFL (Bonita Springs) $3,753,3005075,000$5,525,166wh, kb, a
86Blackdog BuildersMA (Salem) $3,704,7484877,182$4,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
87James Barton Design BuildMN (Apple Valley) $3,679,8426061,330$4,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
88Castle Building & RemodelingMN (Minneapolis) $3,658,64821016,943$4,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
89Woodbridge BuildersNJ (Kenilworth)$3,650,0007055,000$4,250,000a
90Home Services DirectIL (Rolling Meadows)$3,548,73012628,000$5,234,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
91J.H. TwoVA (Chesapeake)$3,539,14734311,603$3,635,672wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
92The Remodeling Co.MA (Beverly) $3,524,5727348,282$3,700,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
93Carlisle Classic HomesWA (Seattle) $3,437,0004281,833$5,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
94Foster Remodeling SolutionsVA (Lorton) $3,365,52516129,736$4,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
95Leff ConstructionCA (Sebastopol) $3,318,98227154,000$4,000,000wh, kb, a, o
96Baine ContractingNJ (Brick) $3,310,9054080,000$2,800,000wh, bt, a, sr, h, o
97Feinmann Inc.MA (Lexington) $3,300,00031112,903$3,600,000wh, kb, a, h
98Holigan Investment GroupTX (Farmers Branch)$3,250,0005360,000$5,000,000wh, a
99S.N. Peck BuilderIL (Chicago)$3,209,66514214,950$2,770,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
100J.S. Brown & Co.OH (Columbus) $3,154,00010829,203$4,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
101RSU ContractorsTN (Murfreesboro)$3,110,8193508,326$6,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
102Harth BuildersPA (North Wales) $3,108,6509732,048$2,500,000wh, kb, a, o
103Basements & BeyondCO (Denver) $3,100,0005655,357$3,600,000wh, kb, bt, a
104Foxcraft Design GroupVA (Falls Church)$3,100,00013150,000$4,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
105Baxter ConstructionNJ (Hopewell) $3,092,4845754,350$3,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
106Everhart ConstructionTX (Houston)$3,062,00021714,110$3,600,000wh, kb, a, sr
107Custom ContractingMA (Arlington)$3,053,23819316,500$3,358,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
108Advantage ContractingNJ (Wayne) $3,028,6705441,000$3,500,000wh, kb, bt, a
109Westhill Inc.WA (Woodinville)$3,021,00028510,600$3,475,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
110Case Design Remodeling/San JoseCA (San Jose) $3,015,9414356,933$3,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
111Father & Son Construction Co.MI (Troy)$2,996,3423727,805$3,250,000wh, e, kb, bt, a, sr, h
112Taitco/Tait RoofingNJ (Moorestown)$2,993,7212,1781,375$3,400,000wh, kb, a, bt, sr, o
113New Outlooks Construction GroupNJ (Robbinsville) $2,968,20542211,700$3,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
114Mr. BuildFL (Bradenton)$2,955,7244107,209$3,100,000wh, kb, a, w, s, sr, o
115Todd Whittaker DrywallAZ (Peoria)$2,939,8552255,750$3,520,000wh, kb, a
116Al Lowe ConstructionCA (Oxnard )$2,938,1413194,700$2,069,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
117John H. Allen Co.TN (Jackson)$2,872,3541,1502,500$4,005,199wh, kb, bt, sr, h, o
118Merrill Contracting & RemodelingVA (Arlington)$2,828,85027104,772$2,800,000wh, kb, bt, a
119Elite RemodelingTX (Frisco)$2,800,0006543,076$2,600,000wh, kb, a, h
120Merrick Design & BuildMD (Kensington) $2,763,8273872,732$3,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
121The Wills Co.TN (Nashville) $2,700,00011300,000$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
122Superior Home ServicesDC (Washington)$2,680,4348250,000$2,750,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
123Guthmann ConstructionNC (Charlotte)$2,674,8077436,146$3,500,000wh, kb, a, o
124Metke Remodeling & WoodworkingOR (Lake Oswego) $2,652,1284558,936$2,900,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
125Cruickshank RemodelingGA (Atlanta) $2,650,9685075,000$3,250,000wh, kb, a, h, o
126Murray Lampert ConstructionCA (San Diego) $2,642,93718146,829$3,500,000wh, kb, a, o
127Hurst Design Build RemodelingOH (Middleburg) $2,624,0867037,486$2,850,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
128Starcom Design BuildMD (Columbia)$2,600,0007734,000$2,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
129D'ambra Construction Co.CA (Huntington Beach) $2,600,0001895,000$2,350,000wh, kb, a, o
130Cipriani Remodeling SolutionsNJ (Woodbury)$2,586,7377534,500$4,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
131Kevin Jones Design-BuildNC (Greensboro)$2,583,61119135,979$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
132DBS RemodelNY (Poughkeepsie)$2,568,5595747,000$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, w, sr, o
133J. Francis Co.PA (Pittsburgh)$2,548,9279526,830$3,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, cl
134BRAVITX (San Antonio)$2,522,8344654,844$3,200,000wh, kb, a, o
135Chris Donatelli BuildersCA (San Jose) $2,518,9043964,587$3,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
136Vicus Project ManagementFL (Fort Lauderdale)$2,500,0006245,000$2,500,000wh, kb, a
137Advance Design StudioIL (Gilberts)$2,479,0773072,458$2,751,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
138Blue Moon ConstructionVA (Ashburn) $2,465,0158565,000$2,600,000kb
139Thorson Restoration and ConstructionMA (Bridgewater)$2,462,4928228,000$2,376,115wh, kb, a, o
140C&R RemodelingOR (Salem)$2,457,95518013,655$2,500,000wh, kb, a
141Raindango RemodelingTX (Carrollton)$2,450,00013018,225$2,800,000wh, kb, a, o
142K&W InteriorsAK (Anchorage)$2,414,79512818,865$2,656,274wh, kb, bt, a, h
143Blue Sky RemodelingCO (Broomfield)$2,400,0002788,890$3,550,000wh, bt, a
144Bethesda Contracting Co.MD (Chevy Chase)$2,397,0004264,800$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
145York EnterprisesWA (Tacoma)$2,392,25117813,439$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
146Federalist BuildersDC (Washington)$2,383,9335047,679$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
147Provenance BuildersTX (Dallas)$2,369,0008296,000$2,750,000wh, kb, a
148The Kingston GroupTN (Nashville)$2,358,4378926,499$2,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
149Morse ConstructionsMA (Somerville)$2,300,0003864,500$1,687,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
150KRT ConstructionNE (Omaha)$2,290,5238030,000$2,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, w, s, sr, dk, cl, o
151Excel Interior Concepts & ConstructionPA (Lemoyne)$2,275,23612125,410$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
152Texas Construction Co.TX (Austin)$2,228,00012185,666$3,250,000wh, kb, a, h
153Men At Work ChicagoIL (Palatine)$2,195,34515146,000$2,650,000wh, kb, a, sr, h, cl, o
154Legacy Design Build RemodelingAZ (Scottsdale)$2,192,0533350,978$3,750,000wh, kb, a
155The Wiese Co.MA (Sherborn)$2,169,64220130,000$2,271,000wh, kb, bt, a
156Knockout RenovationNY (New York)$2,165,3683560,000$2,800,000kb
157Lone Star State ConstructionTX (San Antonio)$2,115,05113016,296$3,100,000wh, kb, a, o
158Revolution Design and BuildMN (Wayzata)$2,111,77512176,000$1,750,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
159McDowell Inc. of St. Charles RemodelingIL (St. Charles)$2,110,06015014,067$2,245,934wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
160E.A. Knight ConstructionIL (Carterville)$2,095,7723396,182$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
161DiFabion RemodelingNC (Indian Trail)$2,083,3814546,297$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
162JMC DevelopmentNJ (Parsippany)$2,051,4478524,135$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
163Distinctive Design RemodelingKY (Georgetown)$2,025,0006531,547$3,000,000bt, a, sr
164Morgan Moore ConstructionTX (Houston)$2,008,5004459,383$2,250,000wh, kb, a, o
165Booher Building Co.IN (Brownsburg)$2,003,851118111,325$3,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
166Bestway Construction GroupAK (Gurley)$2,000,00011018,000$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, ir, o
167Mark IV BuildersMD (Cabin John)$1,980,89215132,000$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
168Two Storey BuildingMA (Bolton)$1,960,02920100,000$2,400,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
169Boardwalk BuildersDE (Rehoboth Beach)$1,954,6205833,700$2,600,000wh, kb, a, sr, h, o
170Murphy Bros. Designers & RemodelersMN (Minneapolis) $1,943,5595237,376$2,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
171DreamMaker Bath & KitchenMI (Ann Arbor)$1,936,3398824,854$2,200,000wh, kb, bt
172Schrader and Co.NY (Burnt Hills) $1,909,51817311,000$1,900,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
173Oakwood Builders GroupIA (Des Moines)$1,908,0343554,500$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
174Living ImprovementsTX (Stafford) $1,893,9109220,586$2,800,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
175Square Deal Remodeling Co.OR (Portland) $1,885,6516328,641$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a
176RenovationsAZ (Prescott) $1,858,9412768,850$1,900,000wh, kb, a, sr, h, o
177Building LabCA (Oakland) $1,845,3079225,000$1,900,000wh, kb, a, o
178A.V. Remodeling & ConstructionVA (McLean) $1,839,1059204,345$1,960,388wh, kb, bt, a
179Schroeder Design/BuildVA (Fairfax)$1,819,3902767,385$2,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
180Greymark Construction Co.TX (Houston)$1,811,5053754,000$2,250,000wh, kb, a, h
181Total Home ConstructionNY (Plainview)$1,800,94216012,000$2,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, w, s, h
182Riverside ConstructionKS (Wichita)$1,800,0003060,000$2,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
183Woodstone ContractingNY (Holmes)$1,800,0008015,000$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a
184McHales Inc.PA (Levittown)$1,800,0008128,000$1,800,000kb, bt, h
185Rick Brauchler Jr. & Co.CT (Clinton) $1,800,0003722,000$1,900,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
186Holladay Brothers ConstructionCO (Colorado Springs)$1,750,0003974,500$1,750,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
187Timberdale HomesCT (Bethe)$1,743,71011158,000$1,750,000wh, kb, a, o
188Clark RenovationsPA (Bethel Park)$1,716,45512122,885$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
189JEB Design/BuildLA (Shreveport)$1,710,3433155,172$2,500,000wh, kb, a, sr
190Carlson Homes ConstructionAZ (Scottsdale)$1,707,16514121,940$2,000,000wh, kb, a
191PDQ ConstructionKS (Topeka)$1,669,5352377,044$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a
192Silent Rivers Inc.IA (Clive)$1,665,2454735,431$2,200,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
193Kliethermes Homes & RemodelingMO (Columbia)$1,663,1197422,475$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
194Strite Design + RemodelID (Boise)$1,659,6145037,000$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
195The Cleary Co.OH (Columbus)$1,627,1874536,160$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, cl
196Creative Property RestorationTX (Houston)$1,602,3042661,627$1,800,000wh, kb, a, h
197Rock Creek CraftsmenSC (Mount Pleasant)$1,600,0004055,000$2,000,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
198Adams Construction ServicesIN (Jeffersonville)$1,569,0007720,400$1,800,000wh, kb, bt, a
199Henderer Design + BuildOR (Corvallis)$1,549,5771569,933$1,800,000wh, kb, a, sr
200Frey Construction & Home ImprovementWI (Prairie Du Sac)$1,547,3299915,630$1,822,975wh, kb, bt, a, w, s, sr, r, dk, ir, o
202Bloomquist ConstructionGA (Savannah)$1,529,38012127,448$1,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
202Blue Ridge Home ImprovementVA (Blacksburg)$1,524,6606025,411$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
203T & K ContractorsNJ (Freehold)$1,515,9751694,748$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
204Crossroads ContractingNH (Londonderry)$1,512,2724632,875$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
205Blue Ribbon Design BuildCA (Lake Forest)$1,509,56212125,796$1,500,000wh, a
206AcaFreewood ContractingSC (Greenville)$1,500,0002657,692$3,000,000wh, kb, a, o
207Burgin ConstructionCA (North Tustin)$1,500,0002462,500$1,400,000wh, kb, a, o
208Daniels Design and RemodeingVA (Fairfax Station)$1,492,2303740,330$1,720,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
209Fulford Home RemodelingIL (Swansea)$1,475,5008317,750$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
210Platinum Remodeling and Handyman ServicesMN (Minneapolis)$1,460,00011515,000$1,750,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
211Duncan's Bath & Kitchen CenterOH (Poland)$1,444,22912312,000$1,850,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
212Criner RemodelingVA(Newport News)$1,421,0003738,405$1,900,000wh, kb, a, sr
213InSite BuildersMD (Bethesda)$1,405,6392359,760$1,600,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
214Bradley BuildersCA (Sacramento)$1,400,0009020,000$1,400,000wh, kb, a, o
215Castlewood ConstructionKS (Topeka)$1,395,6721958,279$1,300,650wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
216CK RogersID (Boise)$1,384,0004332,000$2,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
217Brighton Home ProductsIL (Chicago)$1,373,3972655,182$1,500,000wh, kb, bt
218RisherMartin Fine HomesTX (Austin)$1,372,0689250,000$3,375,000wh, kb, a
219Pfeifer Building Co.CA (Peachtree City)$1,369,0006621,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, w, sr, h
220J Brothers Home ImprovementMN (Maple Grove)$1,359,0007917,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
221VW BuildersMA (Auburn)$1,350,0002650,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a
222Hammerschmidt ConstructionCA (Los Altos)$1,344,9322261,133$2,465,000wh, kb, a, o
223Liston Construction Co.MO (St. Charles)$1,340,0003439,400$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
224TDB ConstructionNY (Nanuet)$1,328,1602945,798$1,000,000wh, kb, a
225RenovateLA (Kenner)$1,285,6466420,088$1,350,000wh, kb, a, ir, o
226New England Design & ConstructionMA (Boston)$1,285,6441680,353$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a
227Jay Miller General ContractorsPA (Easton)$1,284,7002843,000$1,450,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
228Longacre Construction Co.TX (Lewisville)$1,267,3124725,927$1,488,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
229MAK Design+BuildCA (Davis)$1,262,5672452,606$1,200,000wh, kb, a
230E.D. Enterprises,IL (Arlington Heights)$1,258,2645522,877$1,800,000wh, kb, o
231Unlimited Building ServicesIL (Palatine)$1,256,3562648,321$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
232Rigsby GroupWI (Delafield)$1,250,000885,000$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
233Thomas Custom BuildersVA (Manassas)$1,236,0003040,000$1,550,000wh, kb, a
234BeeTree HomesFL (Jacksonville)$1,226,1911495,000$2,000,000wh, kb, a, o
235Southland Development ServicesGA (Peachtree Corners)$1,217,7786520,000$1,300,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
236The Kitchen GuyNJ (Little Falls)$1,217,4834228,987$1,400,000kb
237Hope ConstructionAZ (Flagstaff)$1,212,4655025,00025,000wh, kb, a, h, o
238Remodeling Services UnlimitedSC (Columbia)$1,212,0007615,950$1,300,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
239CSA EnterprisesUT (Ogden)$1,209,0006221,886$1,500,000kb, o
240Darrell Burke Construction Co.MI (Battle Creek)$1,203,1452984,037$1,640,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
241Four Seasons Design and RemodelingIN (Angola)$1,200,0003040,000$1,300,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
242Advanced RenovationsSC (Greer)$1,200,0003540,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
243Buckner ConstructionCO (Boulder)$1,191,48210120,000$960,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
244Bailey Remodeling & ConstructionKY (Louisville)$1,162,6823137,505$1,600,000wh, kb, bt, a
245HDR RemodelingCA (Berkeley)$1,156,9072546,000$1,232,000wh, kb
246Morrell ConstructionTX (Colleyville)$1,142,5702737,000$1,500,000wh, kb, a, sr, o
247Meyer ContractingMO (Maryland Heights)$1,141,0636720,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt
248Hanson Carlen ConstructionWA (Spokane)$1,120,7708160,000NAwh, kb, bt, a, sr
249Atlanta Design & BuildGA (Marietta)$1,098,6923135,353$13,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
250Messier ConstructionRI (Tiverton)$1,096,8657015,714$2,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
251Riverside ConstructionIN (West Lafayette)$1,092,2294922,290$1,100,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
252Ingram Bay ContractingVA (Reedville)$1,090,0002250,000$950,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
253Randal G. Winter ConstructionCA (Santa Clarita)$1,031,3965121,630$1,150,000wh, kb, a, o
254DreamMaker Bath & KitchenMN (Saint Louis Park)$1,026,2004224,433$1,200,000kb
255Renovate and RestoreFL (Naples)$1,011,0039112,333$1,202,585wh, kb, a, sr, h, o
256Gaines Construction Co.CT (Fairfield)$1,007,9461283,996$2,000,000wh, kb, a, o
257J&R Construction ServicesKY (Nicholasville)$1,007,0005025,000$1,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
258Cedar Mill GroupNH (Webster)$1,000,3992638,477$1,242,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
259J&F SpeciatliesVA (Springfield)$1,000,0026016,000$900,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
260Excel BuildersMN (Victoria)$1,000,0002535,000$1,500,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
261Nova Building and DesignCA (Turlock)$1,000,00050100,000$1,500,000wh, kb, a, o
263DreamMaker Bath & KitchenCA (Bakersfield)$994,0993726,744$1,600,000kb
263Golden Hands ConstructionsIN (Bloomington)$989,9344521,998$989,934wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
264G.A. Recht Construction Co.CA (San Diego)$984,5007745,000$1,200,000wh, kb, a, h, o
265AC Ernst BuildingFL (Oviedo)$983,7011337,396$1,200,000wh, kb, a, h
267TWIG Development & Renovation Co.NJ (South Orange Village)$975,5001195,000$1,200,000wh, kb, a, o
267Ryne-Wood BuildersIN (Yorktown)$975,0007014,000$1,350,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
268Chapelwood ConstructionNJ (Newton)$973,3002817,000$1,100,000wh, kb, bt, a
269Sebestyen & WilliamsIN (Upland)$968,6001568,000$1,900,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, o
270Virginia Tradition BuildersVA (Richmond)$968,0003726,162$1,150,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h
271RPM General ContractorsFL (Pompano Beach) $951,5001927,526$1,750,000wh, cl
272Bluestem ConstructionMN (Saint Louis Park)$950,0001275,000$1,050,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
273FatBoy ConstructionWA (Tacoma)$950,0001279,100$1,200,000wh, kb, bt
274Peak ConstructionNY (Fishkill) $911,3209110,000$1,050,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, dk, o
275Quality Construction Co.KY (Nicholasville)$883,5602829,200$1,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, h
276Axis ConstructionTX (Wichita Falls)$880,2462436,675$1,000,000wh,kb,a,h
277Geiger-PhillipsMA (Wellfleet)$878,0001830,000$1,000,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
278Renaissance Remodeling Co.ID (Boise)$875,0001558,000$1,200,000wh, kb, a, sr
279Handyman GuysOH (Columbus)$840,0004801,750$1,200,000wh, kb, a, h, o
280Austin ImpressionsTX (Austin)$808,7665150,500$1,200,000wh, kb, a
281All Pro BuildersCA (Fullerton)$796,9441287,200$1,500,000wh, kb, a, o
282Scholl Construction Co.IL (Crystal Lake)$793,0642039,653$700,000wh, kb, bt, a, cl
283Newday DevelopmentCA (Sherman Oaks)$781,750897,720$1,250,000wh, kb, a
284Pathway Design & ConstructionWA (Seattle)$775,0001552,000$850,000wh, kb, bt, a, h, o
285John Rogers RenovationsGA (Woodstock)$765,5421940,291$950,000wh, kb, bt, a
286Changes ConstructionNY (Buffalo)$750,0003140,000$750,000wh, kb, a
287Stonecrest Custom HomesCA (Murrieta)$750,000/td> 3820,000$1,000,000wh, kb, a
288Laing ConstructionCA (Redding)$745,0001074,500$850,000wh, kb, a, h, o
289JMS PartnersMA (Hopkinton)$724,2272535,000$800,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr, h, o
290Forest RemodelingCT (Somers)$700,0001260,000$500,000wh, kb, a
291Rolf Schroeder General ContractorsPA (Ivyland)$698,3072626,858$750,000wh, kb, bt, a, o
292Built SquareWA (Seattle)$677,0004116,508$1,000,000wh, kb, bt, r
293DP Contracting & ConsultingNC (Concord)$670,3613618,621$739,274wh, kb, bt, a, sr
294Windham ConstructionTX (College Station)$658,0004813,708$750,000wh, kb, a, h
295TimberLand BuildingMI (Ada)$655,2502230,000$900,000wh, kb, bt, a, sr
296Canyon Kitchen & BathUT (St. George)$650,0001046,250$7,000,000kb
297Dietz DevelopmentDC (Washington)$650,000970,000$650,000wh, kb, a, o
298Oliver BuildersCA (Berkeley)$600,0001520,000$1,200,000wh, kb, a, o
299New Dimension ConstructionNY (Millbrook)$600,0004100,000$900,000wh, kb, a, h
300Richfield ConstructionNY (Williston Park)$600,0001450,000NAwh, kb