Whether design/build or working with outside architects, whether focusing on historic restoration or a particular type of room (kitchens, baths, additions), full-service remodeling companies are almost always local, one-branch operations that rely to a large extent on referrals and repeat business, as well as their reputation, to keep crews busy. The term “full-service” does double duty: not only are such remodelers often responsible for all aspects of a job, but their ability to bring in new business depends to a large extent on having highly satisfied customers. Their reputation is the brand.

Full-service remodelers are residential general contractors. The largest, when times were more flush, tended to take on big projects such as whole-house or multi-room remodels, additions, or gut-and-pull kitchen or bath jobs. These days that’s evolving, as six-figure projects are more scarce and many companies will take whatever type of work comes their way in an effort to sustain cash flow through a downturn.