nancy Harris Rouemy/Go For It Design Ltd.

Hundreds of thousands of people make a living renovating homes. The majority are single proprietors who generate enough income to sustain themselves using their construction skills. Large companies are comparatively few. The contractor whose company gets big, and stays big, is the contractor who mastered a slew of business skills in addition to having construction know-how.

Because home renovation is the most fragmented industry in the U.S., REMODELING magazine provides an annual list of the industry’s largest companies. The list includes 550 businesses divided in four groups: full-service remodelers; replacement or specialty contractors; insurance restoration contractors; and franchise organizations specializing in some aspect of home renovation.

Although these types of companies sometimes resemble one another, they operate different business models that come to market for different reasons and in different ways.

How It’s Done

Residential remodeling revenue data for the list is gathered from a Web-based survey jointly developed by REMODELING and its sister publication REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR. Specpan, a consultancy and business data collection provider in Indianapolis, programmed and hosted the Web-based survey and collected and compiled the data.

Additional information was obtained by REMODELING and REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR editors through survey mailings, phone calls, and public information sources.