Our 2018 Cost vs. Value report is a great tool for you to help your clients see just how much they could get back on their remodels. But what if your client isn't sure what they should work on first?

FORBES looked at our report and offered some suggestions to homeowners for how to pick their projects:

If you’re trying to decide which projects to undertake, look at homes around you, especially if you’re interested in selling in the near future. Once you do a little research on the local market, make a list and be sure your home checks all the boxes with potential buyers. Most people in the market have their own check lists when looking at homes.

How old is the roof? Is there a deck or patio? What are your neighbors updating? How much are similar houses in the neighbor selling for?

This will give you a good idea of what people like in your area, whether it’s a kitchen remodel, brick patio or updated bathrooms. Remodeling to suit unique tastes probably won’t help resale value, so it’s best to follow the trend of what’s selling. Talk to a local real estate professional for tips and advice specific to your area.

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