When I was a kid, I loved Baskin-Robbins’s blue raspberry sherbet. Seven-year-old me thought a frozen treat that would turn my tongue blue was super cool (pun intended). When the company stopped making blue raspberry, I had to find a new favorite. After scoops of disappointment, I tried World Class Chocolate. It’s now my favorite ice cream and the perfect fit.

This year’s Big50 class has done the same: They’ve found the perfect fit. In managing this year’s Big50 selection process, I found that adaptability is one of the key takeaways from the 2017 class. Some companies made small tweaks, such as to an administrative process. Others made bigger adaptations by overhauling their entire business model. One thing that several of the Big50 firms had in common was involving employees in refining the business.

Great customer service is another trait that binds the Big50. Companies discuss the remodeling process with clients at length before picking up a hammer and leave the lines of communication wide open throughout the project. Remodelers say they call, email, and text clients on a regular basis. At the end of a remodel, companies typically send thank-you notes to clients, sometimes including a small, branded gift as a “forever marketing” technique, as one remodeler put it. This level of service has great returns: Word-of-mouth marketing is still king of lead generation. In addition, the Big50 only take on projects that match their business practices, ensuring attentive customer service.

More companies are incorporating technology into their businesses. Some remodelers swear by software like Buildertrend or CoConstruct. Many firms skip builder-specific tech, instead using a combination of software such as Dropbox and Slack for project management and team communication. Technology improvements aren’t limited to software; the Big50 are building new websites to better their sites’ form and function to attract new clients.

As you read through the profiles, take note of additional tips and tricks the Big50 use to serve customers, create a great project, and increase profit. Try out one of their marketing ideas or operations practices in your own company. We greatly admire these firms’ dedication and enthusiasm. We hope you will too.