These are companies that provide a range of renovation services, up to whole-house remodeling. Some design the project in-house, some build from plans handed off by architects. Big projects are preferred, but as such projects have became fewer during the recession, many full-service companies have pursued other types of work, right down to handyman jobs. Some at the top of the list, such as Neil Kelly Co., in Portland, Ore., or Mosby Building Arts, in St. Louis, offer a full complement of services from home performance to handyman and whole-house remodels. Others specialize in remodeling one or two types of rooms, such as kitchens and baths.

Homeowners who have made up their minds to stay in their homes for the longer term often seek to update key features, especially bathrooms. “They’re a hot ticket right now,” says Matt LeFaivre, of J.R. LeFaivre, in Maryland, where sales are up this year. “We usually have two going at a time, and I’m running four crews,” he says. DBS Remodel, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., offers standardized kitchen and bath remodels, based on square footage and product selection.