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  • The market is flooded with digital cameras and salespeople extolling the quality of computer-printed photos. So who needs a professional photographer to record their remodeling work? An expensive digital camera will do the trick, right? Wrong.

  • When I was a child, there was an expression I'd hear my parents utter from time to time: “Things aren't what they used to be.”

  • Customization is virtually a standard requirement in any upscale space. One way to achieve it is to incorporate hand-painted tiles into the room.

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    It's technical and artistic, tangible yet ethereal, all at the same time ó it's lighting. It can affect mood, aid or hinder functionality, and even become a focal point. Here are a variety of options in decorative fixtures, ranging from modern and minimalist to fabulous and funky, sure to add pizzazz to any room in which they are included.

  • Taylor Hicks probably won this year's title of “American Idol” as much for his individuality as his talent. To voting TV viewers, the 29-year-old's salt-and-pepper hair, down-home casual singing style, and rough-around-the-edges manner may have seemed like a refreshing change from what they might have expected an ideal “idol” ó polished, slick-haired, with movie-star looks ó to be.

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