Walt Stoeppelwerth

Walt Stoeppelwerth founded HomeTech Systems in 1965, the first company of its kind to provide unit cost estimating and business management information to construction professionals. Known as the "Henry Ford of the remodeling industry," he began writing for REMODELING magazine in 1986 as one of two original columnists (the other was Linda Case), where he continued to contribute to the industry until he passed away in 2013.

Walt Stoeppelwerth's Posts

  • On the 8th anniversary of his passing, our industry's great pathfinder still has much to teach us.

  • Many readers have called during the last two months inquiring as to the status of HomeTech Information Systems. After trying to reach our contacts at HomeTech, we have finally heard that the company is now under the management of HomeTech Publishing.

  • A Remodeling Classic

    Linda Case on the truth about loving your work, marking up costs, and hiring right.

  • First Word

    Few people attain first-name notoriety. In sports, Michael, Ali, and Tiger come instantly to mind. In remodeling, it's Walt.

  • Who is Walt Stoeppelwerth? Remodeler and consultant Shawn McCadden calls him “the remodeling god” who wrote the “bible” on remodeling company management. Publisher Peter Miller says he is an industry cheerleader who made an industry “that had an inferiority complex feel good about itself.” No matter the definition, Stoeppelwerth's influence is undeniable.

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