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  • Two Big50 remodelers learn a few lessons when they team up to tackle a major vacation-home renovation.

  • Who's your competition? The new-home builder? The SUV dealer? The remodeling company on the other side of town? All of the above.

  • The stock market slump affected sales in our target market, Silicon Valley, as residents lost the portfolio liquidity to fund home remodeling projects. Doug Dwyer, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, Waco, Texas, Big50 2000

  • Back in the early '90s, Chicago-area general contractor John Harty of John G. Harty Ltd. considered the custom home contract he'd just signed a godsend. But though the subs Harty recommends are usually the ones hired and though most materials are bought at supply yards where John G. Harty Ltd. has its accounts, Harty neither pays the subs directly nor purchases the products.

  • In 1988 the New England economy started its free fall. Necessity bred invention. We took on any kind of work, including our first commercial jobs. We broke into commercial with small projects, like $20,000 office remodels for clients we already knew.

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