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  • Demolishing an existing house for a renovation or infill project may be quick and easy, but a lot of those building materials unnecessarily end up in land fills.

  • The mountains of western North Carolina are getting greener, and it's not just because of the approaching spring. The Southern Living Homes Group has announced that it is building its first green Idea House in Whisper Mountain, a new conservation-oriented, master-planned mountain community in Madison County near the booming and progressive city of Asheville.

  • Heating and cooling systems account for nearly 50% of a homeís energy consumption, so your choice of equipment and the way it is installed are keys to success for any green builder. And as the focus on energy efficiency has led to improved building shell performance (including high-performance insulation packages and passive solar heating), selecting HVAC components that match the projected energy requirements will ensure that you optimize the system and meet the occupantsí comfort needs and expectations.

  • No longer glorified fans, kitchen range hoods and ventilation products are getting high-tech. With features like delayed-shutoff timers, clean-filter indicators, and sensors that automatically adjust blower operation to the heat output of a range or cooktop, the newest kitchen ventilation hoods offer a slew of features for optimal functionality.

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