Sal Alfano

Sal Alfano is the former editorial director for the Remodeling Group at Hanley Wood.

Sal Alfano's Posts

  • JLC

    It's tempting to offer a discount in order to close a sale. But you may just have given away the bank, and will have to win much more work to make up for the loss.

  • JLC

    How much revenue do you need to cover expenses? Hint: It's not the same as the overhead dollar amount.

  • How about throwing in a free half-bath with that new kitchen? According to new research, consumers see items given away for free as being more valuable than those offered at a deep discount, particularly when paired with something seen as a luxury.

  • The National Association of the Remodeling Industry stresses the importance of preserving the health and safety of employees, trades, and clients in an update to its code of ethics.

  • Special Report

    Recessed lights have received plenty of attention as a potential source of energy savings through the use of CFLs and, more recently, LED lamps. But even when equipped with the most efficient bulbs, can lights are a major source of undetected air leakage in most homes.

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