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  • In my previous article, I defined three categories of prospects. The first is high sense of urgency: ready to buy now. Category Two is low urgency: planning to buy, but not immediately. Category Three: interested but still at the information stage.

  • Leads not panning out? Could be your sales process. Turning things around begins with the recognition that there are three types of prospects. The first -- high sense of urgency -- wants to buy now.

  • With today's Information Age prospect, it isn't difficult to close someone who's insisting on another price. That is, provided that salespeople avoid old-school practices designed to manipulate the prospect into buying. Such practices are increasingly ineffective.

  • Selling is a career that can provide compensation similar to that of law or medicine. The difference is that doctors and lawyers don't get rejected as often as salespeople.

  • If the U.S. economy continues to grow at 3% per year -- the consistent average since 1948 -- the nation's workforce must increase by 58 million employees over the next three decades to maintain the same rate of productivity.

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