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  • The town of Jamestown, R.I., had been suffering from what the local planning board calls "aggrandizement," that is, residents buying small houses and remodeling them to the tune of homes double or triple the size of the original. Category: Whole-house remodeling, $100,000 to $250,000 Location: Jamestown, R.I. Contractor: Walter Pilz, Darlington Home Builders, Providence, R.I. Designer: James Estes, Estes/Twombly Architects, Newport, R.I. Commercial Remodeling

  • When a 1960s remodel plopped a family room and screened porch onto the back of this 1930s Colonial, some much needed space was added, but the new space ignored the existing kitchen. Category: Kitchen remodeling, $100,000 to $250,000 Location: Washington, D.C. Contractor: Scott Hundley, Potomac Valley Builders, Poolesville, Md. Designer: Cunningham + Quill Architects, Washington, D.C. Additions

  • The winners of this year's Renaissance Design Competition showcase projects that reflect the commitment and vision of design and construction professionals. From a row house update to a barn-to-office conversion to an oceanfront bungalow, the projects are dramatically different but have a common theme of excellence. The Best of the Year project is a dramatic town house in San Francisco that blends classic and modern themes into a warm and inviting space.

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