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  • The key to creating a loft-style kitchen is to keep the design simple but use rich, elegant materials.

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    Storage is not a luxury in a kitchen, it is a necessity.

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    As kitchen and bath designers, you are likely focused on the primary business of designing kitchens and baths. However, if you view yourself as a salesperson first and a designer second, you will have a broader outlook of the market and can extend your products and services to other areas of the house.

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    A popular look for today's kitchens involves using a combination of two cabinetry colors to subtly or dramatically change the composition of color in the room.

  • One of the hottest trends in kitchen design is the addition of stacked trim to wall cabinets. You can use Planit Fusion software to automatically add this graphic to your designs in a simplified procedure in two layers of the program, and then use the drawings you create to help sell your value as a kitchen designer to your clients. Here's how:

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