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  • Systems and signatures keep projects running smoothly for this design-build remodeling company.

  • Two years ago, a consulting program peer mentioned to Mike Powell how advantageous it would be for him to retain a business coach to help grow his company.

  • In order to understand what's currently happening in the supply chain, it's important to understand how we got to this point. Dealers won't admit it, but anecdotal and statistical evidence strongly suggests a conscious decision by the bigger supply houses to focus on the big-production builders, at the expense of what the industry calls the "high-touch market" - remodelers and custom-home builders.

  • Politics isn't just for politicians. Jake Schloegel, president of Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City, Mo., learned that lesson a few years ago as he battled for repeal of a sales tax that was having an impact on the remodeling industry. Kansas City, plus its counties and municipalities, had enacted a clutter of sales taxes that remodelers had to be aware of, report, and submit.

  • There's no sure way to disaster-proof a remodeling business, but it's usually instructive to look back and identify any mistakes, shortcuts, omissions, or denials that might have allowed little problems to snowball into big ones, and big problems to turn calamitous.

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