Mark Clement

Mark Clement is a former editor of Tools of the Trade, as well as remodeling carpenter, business owner, and flipper of a few houses. To date he remains a B+ drywall finisher and tile setter and painter. He's also a presenter at the R|D|J shows. He can set a kitchen just as well as the next guy, but decks and pergolas are where it’s at for him. Along the way he’s worked behind the scenes (and in front of them) on various television shows from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Spartan Race.

Mark Clement's Posts

  • The last thing customers want after paying you to do their window job is to be cleaning up after your installers. But many window contractors don't even notice that they've left behind a mess. Sawdust around window jambs, fingerprints on glass, and a mud trail from the front door make it hard for customers to part with their money --and even harder for them to refer you.

  • Deck failures and resulting injuries are increasing. That trend will likely continue, due to the aging of existing deck structures and the fact that many decks continue to be installed with little regard for engineering essentials such as safe and secure attachment of the ledger board. Flashing is a big problem, perhaps the biggest one.

  • Recognized genius Homer Simpson once queried, "The Internet? Is that still around?" Of course it is, and applications you can use to reach out to potential prospects are evolving about as fast as ace roofers can pop down shingles. And while it's still vital to have a presentable Web site, it won't be long before today's standard site is merely run of the mill.

  • When replacing vinyl siding, many problems commonly occur installing around soffit and fascia. The smart contractor sees these ahead of time and preps both customer and crew.

  • The problem with replacement roofing in my market," says Brett Hall, co-owner of Hall Roofing in Arlington, Texas, "is that we've made it a commodity."

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