Mark Clement

Mark Clement is a former editor of Tools of the Trade, as well as remodeling carpenter, business owner, and flipper of a few houses. To date he remains a B+ drywall finisher and tile setter and painter. He's also a presenter at the R|D|J shows. He can set a kitchen just as well as the next guy, but decks and pergolas are where it’s at for him. Along the way he’s worked behind the scenes (and in front of them) on various television shows from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Spartan Race.

Mark Clement's Posts

  • There's no kit you can buy from your supplier that says "deck builder's tools." But there could be, or should be. From site work to finish details, these tools will make you money: hammer is a life-saver. Blast concrete from existing footings (with bull-point or chisel), then drill for lag shields fastening the ledger to concrete or masonry.

  • When it comes to offering roof inspections among roofing contractors, there's a pretty clear divide between those who do and those who don't.

  • The most ambitious deck designs now often include outdoor kitchens.

  • A credit card is defined as a "small, thin plastic object that allows the holder to purchase goods or services on credit." Today, credit card purchases are used for one-tenth of consumer payments made in the U.S. More and more consumers choose to use credit cards for purchases ranging from a $3 cup of coffee to a major appliance or an extravagant vacation. And while home improvement contractors are sometimes happy to take credit cards, they often prefer that customers finance jobs the old-fashioned ways: with a check or with some form of consumer financing.

  • The last thing customers want after paying you to do their window job is to be cleaning up after your installers. But many window contractors don't even notice that they've left behind a mess. Sawdust around window jambs, fingerprints on glass, and a mud trail from the front door make it hard for customers to part with their money --and even harder for them to refer you.

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