Mark Clement

Mark Clement is a former editor of Tools of the Trade, as well as remodeling carpenter, business owner, and flipper of a few houses. To date he remains a B+ drywall finisher and tile setter and painter. He's also a presenter at the R|D|J shows. He can set a kitchen just as well as the next guy, but decks and pergolas are where it’s at for him. Along the way he’s worked behind the scenes (and in front of them) on various television shows from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Spartan Race.

Mark Clement's Posts

  • I can't tell you how many jobs I've done where the scope and complexity increased enormously after hearing the homeowner utter this seemingly harmless phrase: "You know, we were thinking ..." A new deck can be a gateway project for customers: Once they see how awesome it is, their creative juices start flowing and you start talking about add-ons.

  • Runnin' and gunnin' is usually the way things go on roof replacements. But for skylights, slow down, lay out, and dial in.The reason -- especially for new fenestration -- is that skylights tie in to interior finishes and have a big impact on customer satisfaction. It's usually carpentry-oriented workers who best handle the framing, shaft, and trim details.

  • Repairing a roof is often a foot in the door toward replacing one.

  • Siding jobs that rise above the mundane.

  • A bad roof can be obvious, but whether it requires replacement or repair is another matter.

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