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  • Two common lawsuits in remodeling are for breach of contract and negligence in the performance of services. Negligence suits arise from damages sustained due to the contractor's failure to perform according to known standards in their field. There must also be a close relationship between negligent acts and the damage they cause. The financial consequences of such suits, including the cost of defending them, can be severe.

  • Remodeling company owners can claim an income tax deduction for food, lodging, and travel expenses they and their employees incur attending trade shows and conventions.

  • Understanding and complying with payroll rules can go a long way toward avoiding unpleasant tax situations

  • New federal tax laws were designed to stimulate the economy. One of the most difficult -- and often overlooked -- aspects of tax planning involves reconciling the objectives of deferring or reducing federal taxes with the liability for state and local taxes.

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