Kathy Shertzer

Kathy Shertzer has been the office manager/gatekeeper for DuKate Fine Remodeling, in Franklin, Ind., for 11 years. Office management, administration, work-life balance

Kathy Shertzer's Posts

  • Kathy Shertzer, office manager at DuKate Fine Remodeling in Indianapolis, writes that the way a space feels is what clients are after -- and all the small details that go into creating that feeling are what keeps you on their referral list.

  • Kathy Shertzer writes about the importance of not allowing yourself to get into debt: "[B]usinesses fail because of debt. Donít fall prey to that temptation again. Plan ahead because the pendulum always swings back."

  • Lots of folks are selling their homes.† If your client wants to grab that first impression and make it a good one, they will need to pay attention to their home's exterior. That's where remodelers can help -- and possibly help themselves to get future business.

  • Having a critical spirit is easy. It takes almost zero effortóespecially when it appears you have endless days ahead of you. Being kind is always a different story, writes Kathy Shertzer.

  • Kathy Shertzer blogs about helping clients stay informed about indoor air quality and healthy product choices.

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