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  • Larry Parrish has heard all the excuses for late payments ófrom “I've been out of town” to “I thought my wife took care of it.” Although most clients handle payments responsibly, too many times, the check isn't in the mail.

  • Seventeen years ago, on a drive through the hilly, leafy streets that surround Nashville, Tennessee's Vanderbilt University, Dan and Evelyn Raines found the house of their dreams. The modest 1920s French-cottage-look-alike sat high above street level, perched on a deep, double lot that climbed the hill behind it. The three-quarter-acre property promised plenty of room for Evelyn to pursue her passion for gardening, and the convenient midtown location meant Dan could easily commute to his job as a music producer. The diverse neighborhood with excellent schools in walking distance made it ideal for raising a family.

  • This year, the Remodeling Show returns to Baltimore. Baltimore is a visitor-friendly town with something for everyone. You can steep yourself in history, stuff yourself with crab cakes, stare into the steely eyes of a shark, or step aboard a water taxi that will zip you around the bustling harbor.

  • There's no doubt about it: Consumers love showrooms. Those who operate successful showrooms point to business generated by walk-in traffic, brand awareness created by manufacturer advertising that pre-sells your showroom product, and the convenience for clients of having all their product choices in one location.

  • Chicago awes first-time visitors. They've come expecting a grimy rust-belt metropolis, Carl Sandburg's “Hog Butcher, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and Freight Handler to the Nation.” Instead, they're met with broad boulevards, pristine parks, and wide-as-an-ocean Lake Michigan sparkling at the east edge of downtown.

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