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  • Looking back is important, but so is looking ahead. Start with this question: What's your revenue goal and how do you reach that goal via marketing?

  • Hiring is risky. It isn't simply that your prospect could be incompetent. Far worse, imagine he or she were hired and then became a major liability to you and your company. Your customers call your references. Why wouldn't you check up on a prospective hire?

  • Mike Satran is proud of his children. Shelley and Brad Satran aren't just any kids working in the family business. Both graduated from Oregon universities with higher than 3.5 grade-point averages. Both attended college on full-tuition athletic scholarships. Both were named All-American athletes --Brad as a wide receiver, Shelley as a track star. "How many All-Americans do you know?" asks their dad. "And I have two kids who were All-Americans."

  • Dillon had expanded into Kentucky without the people to handle it; his new company, All Dry Waterproofing of Indiana, was losing money. He'd done too much, too fast.

  • Most remodelers say they have been surprised by growth, and the group is split on whether growth is necessary to remain healthy and vital. Has your business growth ever been unmanageable? Why? What suffers most?

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