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  • Remodelers that know the basis of good design can better serve their clients.

  • Design is a skill that you can study, practice, and educate yourself about. However, the missing ingredient is "style." Skill can be learned, but style can only be acquired through years of practice and paying attention to details.

  • The remodeling industry has come a long way in the last 20 years. A convergence of opportunities and challenges has made remodelers more professional, respected ó and pressured.

  • Foundation Award 2004

    For almost 40 years, James Krengel has dedicated his life to defining and teaching professionalism in the kitchen and bath industry. He built a successful example with his own company, then set out to help new designers and remodelers reach their goals. For his drive for professionalism and his endless energy and creativity, REMODELING awards James Krengel its 2004 Foundation Award for Lifetime Achievement.

  • In 1988, when Jim Krengel won Big50, he ran a $2.2 million business. Last year, he was inducted into the Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Hall of Fame, earning CMKBD status. "I've had two careers, both successful, and I'm blessed more than any person should be," says Krengel, whose agent now books him 200 presentations a year.

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