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  • Local Forecast

    For Benoit & Czarnecki, a combination of the slow economy, smaller job size, and new regulations are making doing business more challenging.

  • Contractors must register with the state under new Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.

  • Remodeling is not just a business for me; I am passionate about it. When placed in a group setting and given a topic that interests me, I can expand on it with perhaps too much detail. I will relate the strategies and measures that my company has taken to solve a problem or to get a leg up on the competition. People have shared good advice with me over the years, and I in turn would like to help others.

  • Bottom Line

    Jim Benoit uses an estimating discipline from his commercial contracting experience to enhance his company's residential remodeling estimates. Instead of including project supervision in overhead, he includes it as a line item in all the estimates produced by Benoit & Czarnecki Design/Construction, Newtown Square, Pa.

  • Jim Benoit now says that “No good deed goes unpunished.” Sure enough, when he decided early this year to grant a second chance to a lead carpenter who had been falsifying his time sheets, not only was the carpenter AWOL the next day, but so were several items that belonged to the company, including tools, a cell phone, paperwork, and a credit card.

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