Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee is senior director of content development for Building Forward at Hanley Wood. He has previously served as an editor for Architect, Eco-Structure, Architectural Lighting, and other publications.

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  • Homeowners used to have three options for laminate flooring: oak, light oak, or dark oak. But current top-selling products allow your clients to get rare, in-demand, or high-priced looks within their budget, says Milton Goodwin, Armstrong's general manager of laminate.

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    You won't see fiberglass doors on a run-way in Milan, but door manufacturers do take style seriously. Many homeowners are upgrading their entry systems with custom art-glass inserts, wood finishes, and other options. Fiberglass door manufacturers are capitalizing on that fact with choices galore.

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    With builders and remodelers trying to create unique spaces that set their projects apart, cabinet manufacturers are adapting and are touting the flexibility of their products outside of the kitchen and bathroom.

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