Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee is senior director of content development for Building Forward at Hanley Wood. He has previously served as an editor for Architect, Eco-Structure, Architectural Lighting, and other publications.

Jeffrey Lee's Posts

  • By its very nature, remodeling is "green" in that you are reusing and improving existing infrastructures. After that, remodeling green calls on many of the same products and techniques as any other green building process.

  • Case studies from Wisconsin and California showcase the many ways eco-friendly products and processes can make all the difference in existing homes

  • Water Wise

    Justin Wilson has been specifying ultra-low-flow showerheads for more than three years. But his biggest surprise when comparing water-efficient fixtures to typical builder-grade showerheads is that there is no surprise at all.

  • Flowing From Forests

    As recently as a year ago, Epcon Communities was not specifying hardwood flooring in its home market of Columbus, Ohio. The builder of slab-on-grade, ranch condominiums in the $180,000 to $250,000 price range installed carpet and vinyl surfaces in its homes, says Craig Thomas, vice president of development and construction for the Dublin, Ohio-based developer.

  • The decision to specify energy-efficient windows in your new homes or remodeling projects is a relative no-brainer; in fact, theyíve long since passed mainstream status given energy codes, local requirements, and buyersí awareness and demand for more efficient products. Energy Starñrated windows, which include low-E glazings and meet a certain energy-efficiency threshold, now make up more than half of the window market, according to the Department of Energy.

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