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  • Making product selections can be a frustrating part of the reduction deadlines. Remodelers often use forms to stay up to date on modeling process ó for both clients and contractors. It products. About 73% of the remodelers who answered this survey takes a lot of coordination to lead clients through the maze have an in-house form to track product selections, and 40% provide of product choices and have the selections ready in time to meet pro-clients with a selection sheet/schedule.

  • Some fresh paint. Several new tiles. A few fixtures. All minor repairs. When Genevieve Duncan and Keith Snodgrass first thought about updating their war-era black and white master bath, they just wanted to make some small changes to bring it into the new century.

  • Forget your ego, realize you have made a mistake, and move on.” That's Jerry Liu's, of D.G. Liu Contractor, attitude about making mistakes. He embraces the idea that he is imperfect and has learned from the past that the sooner you admit you fell short, the more valuable the lesson.

  • Good Form

    A new referral card serves many purposes for Case Design/Remodeling of Bethesda, Md. Not only does it help keep the company's name fresh in the minds of existing clients, it also encourages them to refer new clients at a slight discount.

  • The saying goes “out with the old, in with the new,” but when you have spent years building the reputation that is synonymous with the name of your company, it can be a dire warning. When Mason Hearn bought out his partner two years ago and changed the company name, he decided to tread lightly.

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