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  • Politics isn't just for politicians. Jake Schloegel, president of Schloegel Design Remodel in Kansas City, Mo., learned that lesson a few years ago as he battled for repeal of a sales tax that was having an impact on the remodeling industry. Kansas City, plus its counties and municipalities, had enacted a clutter of sales taxes that remodelers had to be aware of, report, and submit.

  • Every home improvement company covets referrals. Two big reasons: They cost less to get than just about any other kind of lead; and they close at much higher rates.

  • When she makes phone calls, Carrie Stock, officer manager for Ray Johnson Home Improvement, often finds that none of the options offered by an automated answering system quite fit. That's one reason why Stock believes it is more efficient for a prospective customer to immediately connect with a live person right away.

  • Everyone knows that two heads are better than one. But how do you make sure both husband and wife will be at an appointment? No strategy is sure-fire, but there are effective ways to convince couples to commit to an appointment.

  • Coaching is a method of sales management characterized by a highly hands-on relationship between sales rep and sales manager. Unlike sales managers who focus on metrics or telling salespeople exactly what to do, the coaching sales manager's focus is on developing people.

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