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  • Proliferating popularity of e-mail newsletters compounds potential payoff, challenges for remodelers.

  • Don't let these photography mistakes drive prospects away. Before you use that "portfolio" photo, vet it from the homeowner's perspective.

  • As the remodeling industry contemplates rebranding its image for the next-generation workforce, successful remodelers continue to finesse their brands as prospective clients see them. But branding means walking the walk ó not just talking the talk, warns marketing consultant David Alpert of Continuum Marketing Group.

  • As noted in Don't Grandstand the Brand, the successful branding effort of Greg Smith Co., of Falls Church, Va., hinges in large part on the remodeling company's everyday actions, including extensive community service.

  • There's no sure way to disaster-proof a remodeling business, but it's usually instructive to look back and identify any mistakes, shortcuts, omissions, or denials that might have allowed little problems to snowball into big ones, and big problems to turn calamitous.

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