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  • A direct mail piece generally costs about 35 cents to 75 cents or more per home. If your mailing list isn't current, accurate, and targeted, you're throwing money out the window.

  • Direct mail is the strongest weapon in many remodelers' marketing arsenals. But no postcard or newsletter is worth the paper it's printed on unless it reaches the right people. “The most important thing in any direct mail campaign is the list,” says David Alpert of Continuum Marketing Group.

  • Home Equity Builders (HEB) maintains a constant and upbeat presence in the minds of homeowners in affluent Great Falls and McLean, Va. Thanks to the postcards in their mailboxes, residents know HEB is local, wins awards, and does high-end remodeling as well as handyman work.

  • What aspects of your remodeling business put it in a class of its own? By “branding” them and featuring them prominently on your Web site ó and then using other marketing tools to drive traffic there ó you'll help your company shine in a competitive landscape increasingly characterized by Web sites that all look the same.

  • When was the last time you updated your corporate identity? Chances are it's been a while. "Most people wait until they have a problem before they start taking a look at their marketing materials," says David Alpert, president of Continuum Marketing in Great Falls, Va.

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