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  • REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR talks with David Alpert of Continuum Marketing Group, LLC about the importance of web presence for replacement contractors.

  • With leads dropping like flies throughout the industry, refining your marketing strategy might be an option you can't afford to ignore in 2007. Here are some of the actions one remodeler is taking to keep their business strong, as well as suggestions from two marketing consultants.

  • Your designer may be a computer guru, but does that mean he or she should also be running your company's networks and data security infrastructure? Or answering the call when someone's monitor freezes? Or troubleshooting when the high-speed Internet connection goes on the blink?

  • When it comes to remodeling and the Internet, consumers are leading the way. Remodelers may be slow to realize the importance of a Web site to their company's success ó about 40% of respondents to this month's Reader Panel survey said they didn't have a Web site ó but today's consumers are becoming more and more reliant on the Internet for information.

  • Like Phillips-head and flat-head screwdrivers, both postcards and letters are useful tools, says marketing consultant David Alpert. “It's just that you use them differently.” To choose the right mailing tool, evaluate your objectives and your relationship with the recipients.

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