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  • I've owned and operated my own remodeling company for more than 15 years, and while I've been lucky enough to be relatively successful, I'm bored. I wake up most mornings not looking forward to the day ahead. What can I do to turn my thinking around?

  • I'm struggling with how much time to spend in the office vs. time in the field. Aside from cloning myself, how can I balance what feels like the need to be both places at once?

  • My team hit a snag on a job while I was away. Instead of resolving the issues and moving forward, they let the job sit until I returned. Why isn't my team able to do anything without me being there to oversee it?

  • The number of hours my business partner puts in appears to be taking a toll on him personally, and is affecting his behavior. How can I bring this up without him taking offense?

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