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  • Have you outgrown your home office? It's a sign that the time has come to move out of your home office when you keep being woken at dawn by workers knocking on your bedroom window. Habitually drifting into the office in your pajamas is another red flag, as are subcontractors casually interrupting family meals to get a signature or to pick up a check.

  • In Person

    With more than 80 courses óincluding CAPS, CGR, workshops, and seminars ó offered in this year's Remodeling Show conference program, there are more opportunities than ever for remodelers to learn from the experts.

  • Eric Hoff was confused and, frankly, a little nervous. Moments before, the young owner of E.R. Hoff Remodeling, Boise, Idaho, had been cruising along when the driver of a silver Ford extended-cab truck honked the horn and pulled him over.

  • Ways Means Work Life

    How do I hold my team accountable for specific, measurable results with- out being perceived as overbearing and demanding?

  • So what if you can't recite your vows after all these years. You remember the gist. “For better or worse. In sickness and in health. In accounts payable and receivable.” Wait. What was that last one? Doesn't sound familiar? Well, if you and your spouse share ownership and management of your company, it should. So says the current thinking about the newest and fastest-growing segment of small business óentrepreneurial couples or “copreneurs,” if you want to sound in the know.

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