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  • Like it or not, your prospective clients get bids.It's a search for someone who best satisfies the client's emotional needs. Is it how you set the trusses, or how you're going to finish the great room to satisfy the client's entertainment needs?

  • To create a successful sales presentation, first understand what a sales presentation is. --C.F. Moore, of Olive Branch, Miss., is a business consultant who contracts as a sales coach, [email protected].

  • Like it or not, subcontractors represent your company every time they come in contact with your clients or prospects. You can get your subs to sell your business the right way in four simple, though not easy, steps.

  • Qualifying questions tell you what prospects look for in a relationship; trial closes tell you if you're building one.Poor or improper communication results in an unfavorable value judgment and a drop in perceived value, leaving the prospect two choices: To go elsewhere or to do nothing.The only way someone can develop a perceived value is through a relationship.

  • For many salespeople, the best way to make a sale is to ease their way into it.The study's cost can become part of total project cost if the client proceeds, so you can argue no additional money is spent.

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