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  • You're done with the siding job, but something's not right. The problem? It isn't laying flat to the wall. And if you think the customer's going to notice and say something, you're probably right. A properly installed siding job, whether vinyl or fiber cement, should lay flat and look great for years to come.

  • Providing the option of built-ins can add to your bottom line and can give that customer something more than a custom deck.

  • Vinyl siding isn't ordinarily thought of as high design. Yet the scope of work often includes complex decorative elements.

  • How many times have you been asked to build a second story deck for a customer and they want to use the space underneath the deck instead of wasting it? Some customers want storage; some want living space; some want three-season rooms there.

  • A constant problem that contractors see in siding installations is improper flashing or, even worse, no flashing at all.

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