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Alan Hanbury is partner with his brother, Bob, in House of Hanbury, a third-generation Newington, Ct., remodeling company.

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    Most use fixed-price contracts, and to keep good subs happy, they pay in full, either immediately or within one week of job completion.We ask trade contractors to bid competitively on our projects and we use the low bidder 4%

  • The following is excerpted from Alan Hanbury's 1992 seminar "15 Guaranteed Ways to Cut Your Overhead by 15%." At House of Hanbury, we're careful with our computer payroll and job costing to charge the company owner's direct job time and supervision to the job as direct labor.

  • One factor affecting the numbers reported in the May issue was incomplete results. Since press time for the May issue, we've received additional data that change the slippage picture somewhat.The good news is that the median for all companies is -2.9%, meaning about half the companies performed better than Hanbury's "witch-hunt" standard.

  • In today's society, the hot tub is a popular symbol of relaxation. "Hot-tub lung," as it's been dubbed, is caused by Mycobacterium avium, or MAC.

  • Most remodelers say they have been surprised by growth, and the group is split on whether growth is necessary to remain healthy and vital. Has your business growth ever been unmanageable? Why? What suffers most?

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