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  • What's a good way to leave a message for a follow-up phone call to a client?

  • For generating strong leads, few methods of canvassing are as effective as simply getting on the phone with past clients.

  • While it's common to hold staff meetings to discuss sales, new company policies, or updates on jobs, few remodelers are scheduling one type of meeting that is guaranteed to bring in more business: the marketing meeting.

  • According to experts, how much to spend on advertising can range from 2% to 16% of gross revenue depending on where you put your dollars ó print, yard signs, Internet, TV. Knowing where to advertise means knowing which market to target, what differentiates your company from another, and what type of work you do best. Figuring all that out, of course, costs money.

  • Bowers Construction, McLean, Va., has been conducting post-job customer surveys since it was incorporated 15 years ago. Co-owner Wilma Bowers says that due to the remodeling industry's poor reputation, homeowners are predisposed to thinking they will have a terrible experience. “We want to prove them wrong,” she says. “And the only way to ensure that you have a satisfied customer is to collect data and to continually refine the customer experience.”

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