Cost vs. Value

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Key Trends in the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report

Gains in the new-home market are helping lift the value of remodeling projects... More

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How Cost vs. Value Numbers Change Over Time

Project costs and perceived paybacks rarely have aligned in recent years More

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Looking for High Return When You Remodel? Start with Exterior Projects

Realtors say they pay off better than interior work More

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How to Help Clients Overcome Sticker Shock

Use the Cost vs. Value Report to set expectations and help clients understand a... More

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Should You Save or Splurge When Selecting Products?

We dug into product pricing to find the wiggle room in Cost vs. Value project costs More

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How Remodeling Projects Influence Home Prices at Resale

Real estate agents explain how the market responds to remodeling activity More

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How to Harness the History of Cost vs. Value

Use the report's long-term track record to back you up when you explain to clients... More

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Who's in the 100% Club

An interactive look at projects with resale values topping 100% of costs More

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The 2015 Cost vs. Value Report

A tepid housing market and rising job costs have pushed back the payoff on... More

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Cost vs. Value Spotlight: Replacing Windows

The price that remodelers charge for installing a wood or vinyl window can vary as much as 37% depending on which of 101 metro areas they're operating in, REMODELING's 2014 Cost vs. Value report finds. Prices tended to be lowest in the Deep South and highest along the Pacific coast. More

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