When Good Men Are Hard to Find—and Harder to Hire

Expanding your crew can be more difficult that simply setting up an interview Read more

The Buck Stops Where?

Ever deal with a nightmare supplier? Mike Damora, a columnist for REMODELING's sister publication, REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR, has. Here's his story and why accountability is an important part of an organization’s culture—and so is a lack of it. Read more

Yellow Pad Estimating for Contractors: The Good and the BadYellow Pad Estimating for Contractors: The Good and the Bad

What seems like a time-saver at first could hurt you as you grow Read more

Think You Don't Need an Employee Handbook? Think Again

Even a simple document can protect you from mistakes and lawsuits that can kill your business Read more

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Are You Ready to Make Your First Hire?

It's a tough question to answer. Are you just going through a busy period or is your business truly growing and requiring more resources? Determining when to hire your first employee is a critical point in building your business and here are two tests to help you determine whether its time to grow your workforce. Read more

Can Accounting Reports Really Be Beautiful?

Accounting probably isn't your favorite part of your business, but that doesn't mean its not essential. Heck, it's probably the most important part of your business and something you should have a basic understanding of. If numbers aren't your game, don't worry, there are apps and software out there to help you. Read more

Prepare Your Business for a Natural Disaster

How ready is your business to survive a natural disaster? Are important documents locked away in a safe place? Is vital information stored in the cloud? Here are some tips for preparing your business should the Mother Nature unleash her wrath on it. Read more

Why You Need Workforce Management Software

How well do you manage your workforce? If you need help with that—or have been moving along with a cobbled together system—you may want to consider workforce management software. It keeps you compliant with labor laws and can help increase worker productivity. Read more

Two Good Interview Questions

Look for workers who started young and moved on for the right reasons Read more

Common Cause: Create One Goal to Unite Your Team

Picking a single destination puts you on the right path and will help identify obstacles along the way Read more

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