Keep Your Crews on the Job: Use a TaxiKeep Your Crews on the Job: Use a Taxi

Too many trips to the supply store can do some serious damage to your numbers—and can cut into your employees' productivity. How do you cut down on those costs? Try hiring a cab or courier to run your pickups and errands. Read more

Why Executing ‘Good Enough’ Beats Waiting Until You Achieve Perfection

Too many remodelers hold back their company by not implementing changes until they perfect that new system, REMODELING consultant Paul Winans notes. That's bad. Strive instead to implement partial improvements that that you regularly refine. Read more

Busy? Avoid Slipping—Put Down Stepping Stones

Growth is great, but rampant growth can be deadly, REMODELING consultant Judith Miller warns. Her advice: Put systems in place to manage growth and achieve your dreams. Read more

Small Details, Big Dividends Small Details, Big Dividends

Incorporating these changes into your systems can help you save on taxes and expenses Read more

Safety First: Nine New Products to Protect Trades and Supervisors

BUILDER's Sandra Malm wants you and your workers to avoid getting hurt on the jobsite. Here are new products she's found to do just that. Read more

Be Careful When Walking Off a Job, Even if You Weren't Paid

"I am always reluctant to recommend that a subcontractor walk from a job for non-payment if it is possible to continue," construction attorney and REMODELING columnist Christopher Hill. "This is not so much for legal reasons, but for practical ones." Read why. Read more

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Should Remodelers Try to Kill Angie's List by Boycotting It?Should Remodelers Try to Kill Angie's List by Boycotting It?

A reader suggested recently that the best way to fight Angie's List would be to... Read more

To Be a True Problem Solver, Employ the 'Five Whys'

You hear excuses all the time. Most of them aren't the real reason why something went wrong. REMODELING consultant Paul Winans recommends you use this technique to get to the heart of the issue. Read more

Remodelers: Get Ready for MobileRemodelers: Get Ready for Mobile

Survey results reveal that customers are increasingly using smartphones instead of... Read more

Don't Meet More, Just Meet Better. Tips for Effective Meetings

A well-run meeting can solve problems, enhance communication, and find new workflow efficiencies. Here's how to make your meetings effective. Read more

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