Sales Prospecting

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Newly Revamped Company Ups Lead Generation Game

Replacement Contractor contributor Mike Damora details the reinvented firm's business model Read more

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How to Set Up—and Turn Down—a Prospect

Learn the potential client's expectations (and set your own) from the start by using the PALO approach Read more

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Not All Home Shows Are Created Equal

Columnist Gary Thill offers five ways to know if you’re attending the right one Read more

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Why Generation-Specific Marketing Doesn’t Work for Remodelers

The distinctions are getting too fuzzy to serve your specific needs Read more

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The Customer Is Always Right ... If You Pick the Right Customer

Strive to accept jobs only from people you think will be able to work with you Read more

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When Sales Disappoint, Ask Yourself: Where Does It Hurt?

Odds are, one of these pain points is limiting sales Read more

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Don't Pass Up the Follow-Up

You've just wrapped up your first meeting with a prospective customer to go over a potential project. Now what? Read more

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With Windows, Stand Out or Pack Up

In the world of windows, companies and sales reps fall into a void of being vanilla with their products and sales pitches, says REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR contributor Mike Damora. The key to better sales is to be different. Here's why. Read more

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Here's the Kind of Dripping That You Want to Have

REMODELING consultant Paul Winans suggests you draw inspiration from a dribbling faucet next time you're having trouble with a hard-to-reach prospect. Read more

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Power Players: Women Are Waiting for Your Sales Call

Slow response times will cost you the lead with any customer, but speedy service and keeping your promises is particularly important with customers who are women. Read more

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