Sales Leads

Six Ways to Boost Referral Leads in 2015

These strategies will make it easy for homeowners to recommend your company Read more

Budget Carefully for Canvassed Leads Budget Carefully for Canvassed Leads

Canvassing might look like a lead-generation cure-all, but without careful... Read more

When Is Someone a 'Client?' Later than You Might Think

Wait until the ink dries on the contract before you use that term Read more

Doing the Math on Qualified Leads

Do you know if you and your company are pursuing the right leads? Do you know how to identify a "quality lead"? This video from REMODELING's sister publication, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, features instructions on how to do just that. Read more

Do the Math - Qualified LeadsDo the Math - Qualified Leads

A low close ratio could signal a sales problem. But it might also mean that you... Read more

You Want It Done When?! Here’s How to Respond

Create a timeline that shows a prospect the implications Read more

Bad Roof Installations Offer Benefits—for Other Contractors

When roofing contractors screw up, two things happen: the industry gets a bad name and competent contractors get more work. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR blogger Mike Damora knows—he sees it all the time. Read more

New Online Service Takes Targeted, Transactional Approach to RemodelingNew Online Service Takes Targeted, Transactional Approach to...

Would you give an online service 10% of a project's price if that lead results in... Read more

Homeowners Are Online. Are You Optimized and Ready for Them?

Forget the phone book as a lead source. Homeowners are online looking for home improvement pros. Columnist Darren Slaughter talks blogs and SEO as ways for you to get their attention. Read more

Power Players: Women Are Waiting for Your Sales Call

Slow response times will cost you the lead with any customer, but speedy service and keeping your promises is particularly important with customers who are women. Read more

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