Sales Leads

Power Players: Women Are Waiting for Your Sales Call

Slow response times will cost you the lead with any customer, but speedy service and keeping your promises is particularly important with customers who are women. Read more

So You Have a Lead. Now What?

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. So why do so many remodelers give up after one failed follow-up? Read more

Website Lead Shelf-Life: Short. Your Time to Act: Now

Considering that website leads are more likely to convert to appointments and sales than any other lead type—aside from repeat/referral—when prospects reach your website, be prepared to accommodate every level of interest and to move quickly. Read more

New Year's Business Resolutions You Can Keep in 2014 New Year's Business Resolutions You Can Keep in 2014

Gearing up for 2014? Here are six New Year's resolutions you can make to help your business succeed - and all the steps you need to see them through. Read more

No Work; Now What? Winans Shows the Way

Here's a memo that's must reading for all remodelers down on their luck Read more

Marketing is a War Zone. Do You Have the Tools You Need to Survive?

In order to succeed in marketing, you need an edge.�In the remodeling space, that edge is social media. Read more

Trick Question: Which Matters More, Sales or Marketing?

Companies big and small have struggled to define the difference between sales and marketing. REMODELING columnist Jeff Kida says you need to create a marriage of sorts where each half is equal, complements the other, and is invested in the other�s success. Read more

2013 Fred Case Award Winner: Nick Richmond

Started with just a small wad of cash and a lot of big ideas, it's no surprise that Matrix Basement Systems was launched by this year's Fred Case Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner, Nick Richmond. Read more

In Email Marketing, How Good Should Your Results Be? Here Are 5 Benchmarks

Good email delivers great marketing benefits at fairly low cost. But how do you know whether your emails are doing the job? Kyle Hunt answers that question. Read more

Attract Younger Customers by Adapting Sales Methods

Each passing generation seems to further embody the idea of wanting it now. Whatever the problem, we expect there to be an app for that; a way to fix it and fix it quick. So where does that leave the remodeler with a six-to-eight-week lead time? Probably with a whole lotta 'splainin� to do. Read more

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