Owner Issues

Small-Business Loan Approval Rate Drops at Big Banks

The rate of approvals at big banks for small-business loan dropped to 18.8% in March from 19.1%. As a result, small businesses look to be better off sticking with smaller, local banks when seeking out loans. Here's why. Read more

Why Small Businesses Aren't Buying Obamacare

So far, few small businesses have signed up for group health insurance through the new exchanges created by Obamacare. Here's why. Read more

The One Thing Every Business Dies Without

With yesterday being Earth Day, hopefully you took a minute or two to reflect upon what the earth really means to your business and your industry. Products from the earth make up the materials you build with and the tools you use and if they don't exist, your business doesn't either. Sustainability anyone? Read more

How to Safely and Easily Cut Shims from Scrap Wood

If you need shims to hang a door or build a stair, why go to the hardware store and spend money on perfect cuts when you could make them just as easily on a tablesaw? Here's how. Read more

6 Productivity Tricks You Can Learn From CEOs

CEOs--especially those of tech startups--are often the masters of productivity. They know how to get things done. If you struggle to be productive, don't despair. Take some of these bona fide tips and tricks and make them work in your favor. Read more

8 Things Outstanding Leaders Do Without Thinking

From offering constructive feedback to taking responsibility for failure, here are things excellent leaders do without thinking. Do you do these things automatically too? Read more

The Surprising Similarities of Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs

Aside from weapons training, is there really any difference between these military elites and those who launch new businesses? Former Navy SEAL turned business consultant Jeff Boss says there really isn't. After reading the story go back and change the word SEAL to entrepreneur to see if he's right. Read more

Is the Family Business a Recipe for Disaster?

You love your kids. You love your business. How can you combine the two? Should you even try? Read more

Make Financial Statements Useful With These 6 Tips

Without accurate and up-to-date financial reports, your business can suffer. Here's what you need to do to make your financial reports more effective so that you can make the best decisions for your company. Read more

3 Best Practices for Effective Business Networking

Networking takes time and effort, but if done correctly it can beget great rewards for small businesses. If you're not sure about the best way to go about it or need some advice on what does and doesn't work, follow these three tips. Read more

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