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Train to Gain: Remodelers Reveal Valuable Training Tips Train to Gain: Remodelers Reveal Valuable Training Tips

If it’s true that a company is only as good as its people, then you need good people. And training will make your good people even better. Read more

You've Incorporated–Great! Now Make Sure You Act Like a Company

Incorporating shields you from attacks on your household so long as you keep business separate from personal Read more

4 Things You Thought Were True About Time Management

There are a number of myths surrounding time management that most of us probably think to be true. Debunking those myths will ultimately help you to make better use of your time. Read more

Is Your Company as Loyal as My Dogs?

Dogs understand loyalty. Unfortunately, not everyone who runs a business does. But loyalty is vital to the success of every company, and it's not just something that can be measured on a dollars-and-cents level. Read more

7 Habits of People With Remarkable Mental Toughness

Owning a remodeling business requires both physical and mental toughness. You can go to the gym to work on your physical toughness and strength, but what about mental grit? Here are seven habits of people who have that mental toughness and how you can find it within yourself. Read more

Are You Giving Your Team the Support it Needs?

Do you keep your staff empowered and engaged? It's not only important to their success, but also the ultimate success of your business. Here are four steps to make sure you are giving your staff the support it deserves and needs. Read more

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Drinking

As a business owner, you may occasionally find yourself at business events or client meetings at a nice restaurant or bar. Do you know how to handle yourself if the event allows for a drink or two? Here's how to pick the right drink for both yourself and the occasion. Read more

Rhode Island Mulls Contractor Education Requirement

Rhode Island is joining many other states in a move to require builders and remodelers to study up on their profession following a recent incident with a developer that left a whole neighborhood in shambles. Read more

The 12 Most Overused Business Buzzwords

Do you use a lot of business jargon when you talk shop with others—phrases such as "hit the ground running" or "value add"? Stop. Such terms and phrases are quickly becoming overused and are making fellow entrepreneurs cringe. Read more

Business Etiquette Still Matters

Even though the business world has become somewhat casual in recent years, that doesn't mean business etiquette has been thrown out the window. How you dress and carry yourself still matters. Read more

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