Make a Weighty Statement With NativeStone SinksMake a Weighty Statement With NativeStone Sinks

These modified concrete sinks add an environmentally friendly elegance to kitchens... Read more

Get the Look of Wood Cabinets for Less

No need to snub plastic laminate as wood’s inferior cousin. Today’s options are stylish and durable—not to mention money saving and can serve as kitchen centerpieces with an array of designs and colors. Read more

8 Classy Products From the 2014 Watermark Awards 8 Classy Products From the 2014 Watermark Awards

Wondering about the products used in this year's Watermark projects? Our product editors spotted eight high-end brands. Read more

What Goes With Granite Counters?

Granite countertops are a mainstay in many kitchen designs. They're durable and hard-working surfaces, but to make the most of granite's aesthetic, there needs to be coordination between the counters and the rest of the room. Here's how to coordinate your kitchen finishes beautifully by choosing colors that complement granite’s natural tones. Read more

These Products Make Universal Design Look GoodThese Products Make Universal Design Look Good

Accessibility has a golden opportunity to embrace being streamlined and handsome Read more

Seven Products for High-Traffic KitchensSeven Products for High-Traffic Kitchens

Neutral colors, clean lines, and durable materials make for timeless design in... Read more

Hillside Residence Kitchen

A kitchen-centric remodel revolving around an inventive and efficient galley setup that opens up to the rest of the house takes home wins a grand prize award as part of CUSTOM HOME's annual Watermark awards. Read more

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30 Splashy Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are no longer just for protecting walls. Thanks to creative uses to materials and designs, they've gained a respect of their own within the kitchen design world. Here are 30 unique backsplashes that are the focal points of the kitchens they are located in. Read more

2014 Watermark Awards: Grand Winners2014 Watermark Awards: Grand Winners

Here’s a look at the top winners of this year’s kitchen and bath awards, sponsored... Read more

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