Four Ways That Hopeful Thinking Can Ruin You

Eliminate these problem traits to help ensure you do profitable work Read more

When Do Cost-Plus Deals Make Sense?When Do Cost-Plus Deals Make Sense?

For a Pennsylvania remodeler, it's when time is tight or being a loss-leader is... Read more

Do the Math - Overhead & ProfitDo the Math - Overhead & Profit

In this segment of Do the Math, we look at two numbers that every contractor needs... Read more

Do the Math: Digging a Hole With DiscountsDo the Math: Digging a Hole With Discounts

A lot of contractors answer customer price objections by offering discount. In... Read more

Do the Math: The Breakeven FormulaDo the Math: The Breakeven Formula

How much revenue do you need to cover overhead expense? In this installment of ”Do... Read more

Do the Math: Are You Charging Enough for Labor?Do the Math: Are You Charging Enough for Labor?

There are plenty of ways to lose money in the construction business, but one of... Read more

Do the Math: Markup and MarginDo the Math: Markup and Margin

You hear these terms used interchangeably, as if they were the same. As dollar... Read more

Cost vs. Value Spotlight: Replacing WindowsCost vs. Value Spotlight: Replacing Windows

The price that remodelers charge for installing a wood or vinyl window can vary as much as 37% depending on which of 101 metro areas they're operating in, REMODELING's 2014 Cost vs. Value report finds. Prices tended to be lowest in the Deep South and highest along the Pacific coast. Read more

3 Simple Steps To Covering A Carpenter's Non Productive Time

In a perfect world, every hour your carpenters work would be a billable hour. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Here's how to calculate those billable hours so that they cover that non-billable time. Read more

Why You'd Better Include General Production Costs in Your Estimates

General Production Costs are the cost of “necessaries” that will be used on a job--things such as cleaning supplies, fasteners, blades--that are not easily assigned a specific cost or place within an estimate. Here's how to make sure you mark them correctly in your future estimates so that you recoup all the costs for a project. Read more

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