Home Automation

The Internet of Things

Homes—and the products in them—are getting smarter and easier to control. Here are nine such items that can be controlled by a smartphone. Read more

What Consumers Want in Home Automation

Every homeowner wants to feel safe within their home, so it should come as little surprise that security is the No. 1 driver behind smart home adoption. In fact, 90% of respondents to the 2014 State of the Smart Home Report said security is one of the key reasons for using a smart home system. Read more

Wink Squares Off Against Nest

Let the home automation battles begin! Nest might be the hot name in marketplace right now, but Wink—with its new partnership with the Home Depot—is looking to create some competition within the home automation market. Read more

Tech Companies Vying to Control the Internet of the Home

Tech company SmartThings—along with companies such as Google and Apple—are each working to create a plan to revolutionize how we live, one connection at a time. The first one to the top could be the king of another multi-billion dollar tech market. Read more

Nest Recalls Smoke Detectors

Nest is finding out how difficult it can be to redesign something so simple and ubiquitous as a smoke detector. The company has recalled nearly half a million of its Protect Smoke Detectors thanks to the flaws of a feature meant to let people silence their smart appliance when it was a little too helpful. Read more

Nest's Acquisition of Dropcam All About Better Integration

Google, which owns Nest, wants to play a big role in the automated home. It's acquisition of Dropcam fills in a missing element in the smart home stack. Read more

Honeywell Answers Nest With Lyric

Last week Honeywell the launch of Lyric, its own Nest competitor. Sandra Malm of REMODELING's sister publication, BUILDER, has the skinny of this smart thermostat and the cool technology involved with it. Read more

Honeywell Creates a Nest Competitor

Honeywell's introduced its Lyric smart thermostat earlier this week, upping competition within the smart thermostat market. Lyric is unique in that it is the first smart thermostat to use geofencing technology that can change the temperature of your home based on how far away you—and your smartphone—are. Read more

7 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel 7 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel

Whether she's a master chef or spa connoisseur, build the perfect space for the mom on your client list. Read more

6 Ways to Make Homes Smarter

Completely automated homes may not yet exist, but technology currently in the home automation market is inching us closer to such a future. These six products show how much we've improved the home's IQ over the past few years. Read more

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