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A Practical Approach to Firing Someone

One of the realities of being an employer is that you will end up firing people. Here's how to do the deed efficiently and professionally. Read more

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Don't Get Burned! How to Handle Firing Someone

Use these tips to dismiss an employee professionally and legally Read more

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Winans: Deciding When It's Time to Say Goodbye

Changing times may require you to make a change in staff Read more

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The One Way To Resolve Remodelers' Hiring Woes The One Way To Resolve Remodelers' Hiring Woes

Given all the seemingly intractable problems that remodelers face when finding new workers, their best solution is to promote training programs. Read more

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Attitude Adjustment: Dealing With a Complainer Salesperson

Prequalified leads cost you real money, so a salesperson who fails to close should have a good reason for doing so. If the rep's attitude is part of the cause, don't wait to address it. Read more

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Know The Rules Regarding Overtime Pay Know The Rules Regarding Overtime Pay

Avoid getting hit up for thousands in overtime pay by creating a "wall" of protection. Read more

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Star Power? Don't Get Burned When You Hire a Star Employee

That star candidate may not be so stellar for your company. Industry consultant Paul Winans blogs about how to avoid making a costly hiring mistake. Read more

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Gotcha Covered: Tips To Protect Your Business Against Fraud

Construction industry attorney D.S. Berenson discusses how to create a company security policy to limit the risk of employee fraud. Read more

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