Energy Efficiency

Warming up to Energy-Efficient Building

A savvy builder—one with experience in energy-efficient construction—knows that current energy codes are only the minimum. In this video from REMODELING's sister publication, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, architect Steve Baczek discusses just how important going above and beyond current codes is. Read more

The Environment Matters as Much as Affordability

Politics may be nasty when it comes to climate change, but the American public is passionate about energy's impact on the environment. Here's what the data says. Read more

IBS Take-Aways: Insulated HousewrapIBS Take-Aways: Insulated Housewrap

Lauren Hunter, Chief Products Editor for Hanley Wood and Matt Risinger, Principal... Read more

Bye Bye to Building-Related Energy Efficiency Tax Credits?

A proposal to trim down the U.S. tax code looks to eliminate building-related energy efficiency tax credits. That could have an impact on homeowners and builders. Read more

Deciding on a Water Heater

Choosing a water heater is not a decision that should be taken lightly, especially when energy-efficient construction is involved. Here's how one energy efficiency expert chose a water heater for his own home. Read more

Will The Federal Government Back Away from Its 2030 Targets?

The Shaheen-Portman Energy Efficiency Bill could bring about the most significant energy legislation in seven years and it could have impacts on both federal and residential buildings. But would passing it cost the federal government its carbon neutrality requirements? Read more

Brooklyn Brownstone Makeover: The Energy Analysis

This winter, REMODELING's sister publication THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION is following the deep energy retrofit of a brownstone row house in Brooklyn, N.Y. In this installment, energy efficiency is discussed as the project moves towards a testing phase. Read more

4 “Do’s” of Selling High-Performance Homes

High-performance homes and retrofits may be all the rage in the housing market, yet many homeowners appear weary about spending money on such homes and additions. Here's what you can do to change their minds and close sales. Read more

What If Home Builders Had to Pay the Energy Bills?

Building codes and standards involving HVAC can be tricky even for professionals. In fact, its not uncommon to see installers cut corners. How do you change that? One HVAC pro has a radical idea: Make builders pay the utility bills for the first three years on every house they build. Read more

NY Opens Bank for Clean Energy Projects

The New York Green Bank should stimulate private sector financing for commercial, multifamily, and residential renewable energy and energy-efficiency projects. Could more states follow suit? Read more

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