Energy Efficiency

Neo-Colonial Undergoes an Organic Overhaul Neo-Colonial Undergoes an Organic Overhaul

This cookie-cutter Virginia home was transformed into a modern extension of its environment Read more

The Most and Least Expensive States for Energy Costs

ECOBUILDING PULSE, a sister publication of REMODELING, created an interactive heat map displaying how each state ranks for total energy costs. It breaks down average electric, natural gas, and fuel costs thanks to information from WalletHub's "Most and Least Energy Expensive States" report. Read more

Get Wise With Your WaterGet Wise With Your Water

Our picks for products that keep waste to a minimum without sacrificing style Read more

Combining Heat Pumps with Rooftop Solar Power

Portland, Maine’s ReVision Energy has a new business model: Pairing rooftop solar electric panels with efficient air-source heat pumps to yield a net-zero-energy home heating solution. Here's how they do it. Read more

What's the Difference Between Energy Efficiency and Efficacy?

Light bulbs and ceiling fans don't have energy efficiency ratings. They have efficacy ratings. Do you know why? Hint: It has to do with what you put in and what you get out of a device. Read more

Energy Efficiency Costs Less Than New Generation

Two recent studies find that saving electricity through efficiency programs is cheaper than adding any form of new electrical generation. Read more

Warming up to Energy-Efficient Building

A savvy builder—one with experience in energy-efficient construction—knows that current energy codes are only the minimum. In this video from REMODELING's sister publication, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, architect Steve Baczek discusses just how important going above and beyond current codes is. Read more

The Environment Matters as Much as Affordability

Politics may be nasty when it comes to climate change, but the American public is passionate about energy's impact on the environment. Here's what the data says. Read more

IBS Take-Aways: Insulated HousewrapIBS Take-Aways: Insulated Housewrap

Lauren Hunter, Chief Products Editor for Hanley Wood and Matt Risinger, Principal... Read more

Bye Bye to Building-Related Energy Efficiency Tax Credits?

A proposal to trim down the U.S. tax code looks to eliminate building-related energy efficiency tax credits. That could have an impact on homeowners and builders. Read more

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