Video: Modern Steel StairsVideo: Modern Steel Stairs

Matt Risinger takes a through a project with beautiful craftsmanship. Read more

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Walls Come a-Tumbling Down in a San Francisco Edwardian

A San Francisco family was looking for a layout with better circulation through both the home and kitchen. How'd did their architect do it? He took out some walls and changed the layout of the kitchen. Fewer barriers mean better circulation, flow and connection in this family home, making it brighter and cheerier. Read more

7 Smart Ways to Hide Storage

Storage is always tough to come by in small places. For people living in those spaces that storage often needs to be discreet and organized. These tips for camouflaging storage space will keep a compact home feeling clean and uncluttered. Read more

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Planning for a Historic Home Renovation

Historic home renovations take a lot of work and planning. Everything needs to be done in detail so that nothing holds up the project or increases the costs. One professional remodeler shares what homeowners and contractors should be aware of during the planning process. Read more

Great Indoor-Outdoor Spaces Elevate a Modest House

This house connects both indoor and outdoor with lots of glass and natural light. Siting and landscaping played an important part in the planning process, helping to connect the house even more with its outdoor surroundings. Read more

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The Home(made) Team

Small business artisans are an integral part of the construction and design industry. They can provide locally sourced products that can add a unique flair to just about any project. These days, going local never looked so good. Read more

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23 Savvy and Inspiring Small Bath Designs

Just because a bathroom is small, doesn't mean it has to be boring. These bath designs features plenty of storage space, lively colors, and unique designs that make the most the space. Read more

Tiny Houses Big With U.S. Owners Seeking Economic Freedom

The tiny house trend appears to be picking up steam—especially among homeowners not interested in taking out a mortgage for a larger home. Here's why and how they've made it work for them. Read more

Release Your Inner Genius With These 5 Tips

In making something, whether it is a business or a project, we bring something into the world that could come only from us. Channeling your inner genius means being able control the creativity that influences whatever we are building. Don't you want to be a genius? Read more

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Double Gable Eichler RemodelDouble Gable Eichler Remodel

This slideshow shows what you can do with a mid-century classic Read more

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